Maureen Elsberry is an adventure seeker, outdoors junkie, journalist & space geek.

She currently writes weird news for the multi-media company To The Stars, Inc., the brainchild of musician Tom DeLonge and is the co-founder and commander of the geek-centric news site, Rogue Planet.

For the last seven years, she was a contributing writer and Marketing Director of one of the largest multimedia companies on UFOs and related phenomena, and co-organized the largest annual UFO conference in the world. Maureen co-hosted and produced a weekly web series entitled Spacing Out! and also starred in the Discovery show, Uncovering Aliens, with appearances on Animal Planet, Science Channel, Destination America, and the American Heroes Network. She simultaneously served as the ambassador for the Science Channel’s Are We Alone? week with appearances on numerous radio stations across the country.

When not waist deep in the paranormal/weird/geek sector, Maureen enjoys traveling, camping, hiking, spending time on/near the water and investigating all things strange.

Her kryptonite is wine, cheese, and Harrison Ford.