Aliens, Shadow Men & Demons: The Nightmare of Sleep Paralysis

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There are reports of alleged secret underground bases located across the country where top secret projects, and some Imagine waking up suddenly and becoming overwhelmed with a feeling of dread. You know someone else in the room with you that shouldn’t be there. Perhaps you can hear them, but most likely it’s just the heavy air of their presence lingering in the room. That’s when you see it in the corner . . . A black shadow is menacingly looking in your direction. You cannot speak or move as the shadow man approaches and leans over the bed . . . This terrifying scenario is not uncommon, and for many people it’s an ongoing saga of fear and torture that they’ve dealt with for years, for others, it may have happened only once.

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Maureen Elsberry

Adventure seeker, outdoors junkie, UFO journalist, space geek. Co-host of the webseries Spacing Out! and Uncovering Aliens on The Science Channel and Animal Planet.

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