Hiking Devil’s Bridge in Sedona

Over the past few years I kept seeing people posting these incredible pictures standing on top of a natural arch in Sedona, Arizona. I thought for sure that to access such a marvel would require a strenuous all day hike and maybe even be strictly a backpacking adventure. When I finally figured out the name of trail I was shocked to learn that it was in fact, a very short hike. If you have a high-clearance vehicle you can drive the 2 miles up FR 152 directly to the trailhead and then hike a measly mile or so to Devil’s Bridge. I packed up three of my lady friends and set off to the red rock country.

Lo, Alison, Laura embarking on FR152

My little Honda Civic would have been no match for the rugged terrain so we hiked up Forest Road 152 about 2 miles to the Devil’s Bridge trailhead. From there the trail splits into two forks – the left will lead you under the arch, if you chose to take the trail to the arch be warned that their are steep stone staircases you have to climb without any guardrails. No worries, if you aren’t afraid of heights this hike is a quick and easy escape.

There isn’t really too much I can say about this hike except that I was elated and humbled at the same time…my only complaint was the crowd at the top waiting to take the scenic “I’m standing on Devil’s Bridge, I’m a badass” photos…but then again I was asking for it going on a Saturday. I’m going to let the pictures do the talking.

Laura, Lo and Alison ready to start the hike up FR152

Devils Bridge Trail marker
I'm not sure why I'm standing so awkwardly...on Devils Bridge
Laura and myself heading back down the rock steps
Alison, Lo and Laura on the bridge


Lo, Laura and myself

What goes great with a scenic relaxing hike? Take the edge off after the hike with a stop by Oak Creek Brewery located just a few miles from the trail. When you enter the brewery you will run into Simon’s Hot Dogs, a little hole in the wall hot dog joint. They offer both vegetarian and vegan options in addition to their beef hotdogs. The two vegetarians in our group, myself and Laura split two of the curiously concocted combinations -The Colombian and The Cowboy…normally I don’t like to share my cowboys, but this time I made an exception.

Half of "The Cowboy" - tastes better than it looks

The Colombian had a homemade grain veggie dog with pineapple, crushed potato chips, mozzarella cheese and a special red sauce…pineapple on a hotdog? It worked. Then we split The Cowboy which was topped with veggie chili. Delightful.

Getting there: From Phoenix take I-17 to AZ 260 exit #287 take a left and continue on to the visitors center…stop off and pick up a Red Rock Day Pass….it will cost you $5 for the day and is required for parking. Stay to the left and continue on 89A. Turn left on AZ 179 (the ‘Y’)then take a right onto Dry Creek Road. Continue on DCR for about 3 miles and take a right onto FR152…this is where us low clearance vehicle drivers stop and begin hiking. High clearance folks can continue up 2 more miles to the Devil’s Bridge trailhead.

To get to Oak Creek Brewery/Simon’s Hot Dogs from the trailhead: Head back out on Dry Creek Road, take a left onto 89A and take a left onto Coffeepot Dr. then a left onto Yavapai and get your park on.

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