Open Minds launches new web series Spacing Out!

We just launched a new web series that explores UFOs, space, the search for extraterrestrial life, and other mysteries of the universe.

The show is hosted by myself and Jason McClellan, and features current news and exclusive content, including interviews with experts and enthusiasts alike.

The show is uploaded to YouTube and every Friday and will soon be available on other streaming video platforms. Spacing Out! is also available as a podcast on itunes or via

Episode 8: James Fox talks about the new show Chasing UFOs

Episode 7: Ben McGee talks spaceflight, and the new NatGeo show Chasing UFOs

Episode 6: Marc D’Antonio talks about UFO photo/video analysis and exoplanets

Episode 5: Jason Major talks about the space race and the search for extraterrestrial life

Episode 4: Lee Speigel talks about aliens and space robots

Episode 3: Peter Robbins talks about the Rendlesham Forest UFO incident

Episode 2: Bryce Zabel talks UFOs and A.D. After Disclosure

Episode 1: George Knapp and Area 51

Maureen Elsberry

Adventure seeker, outdoors junkie, UFO journalist, space geek. Co-host of the webseries Spacing Out! and Uncovering Aliens on The Science Channel and Animal Planet.

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