Random stuff that interests me today II.

It’s Friday which means my head is filling up with grand ideas of food, drink and relaxation. So for today’s random stuff I’m visiting the intersection of science and food.

Vegan Egg Yolk?

Ohhhhhh my goodness. Thank you Wired for helping me stumble across this little marvel. I’m a vegetarian and currently eat eggs, but for those of my fine friends who opt for the completely vegan lifestyle, check out The Vegg. I’m going to have to purchase some of this powder out of morbid curiosity. The Vegg is made up of Nutritional Yeast Flakes, Sodium Alginate, Kala Namak, and Beta-Carotene (for coloring) and was invented by 58-year-old Rocky Shepheard. Check out the video below for more on this yolk substitute:

Molecular Gastronomy Cocktail Kits

I’m not shamed to admit, I love cooking shows…including reality cooking competitions. One aspect always gets on my nerves though – the pompous arrogant ass-clown who inevitably comes into a competition thinking he/she is going to wow the judges by using complex molecular gastronomy techniques in every dish, even when it doesn’t make sense. Dude, mixing science and food is a rad combo, but don’t overdo it. Alright, now that I’m done with that little rant, here is a relatively new cocktail kit concept by Molecule-R which will let YOU get to be the mad mixologist.

Check out their promo video below:

Want to test this out for yourself? You can purchase here: Molecule Gastronomy Cocktail-R Evolution Kit

Alien Brain Hemorrhage Shot

Alien Brain Hemorrhage (credit: Martin Williams, Scotland)
For those of you who want to get all fancy pants creative with your drinks this weekend but don’t want to shell out the dough for the above kit, try out this vial looking concoction, the Alien Brain Hemorrhage.

You can create this drink by following these simple steps:
Get out your shot glass and fill it halfway up with peach schnapps. Next you are slowly and gently (don’t want to ruin the effect) pour in Bailey’s Irish Cream on top, until the shot glass is almost full. Next add a very small amount of blue curacao wait for it to settle and then a few drops of grenadine syrup. VoilĂ !

I think the most difficult step in this drink is finding the poor fool who will actually take this shot. I’m not going to be lining up anytime soon, but I’ll gladly make this for someone. If anyone has tried this before, or makes this, please let me know how it goes down (but no details about how it comes up)! I imagine having more than one of these might cause the consumer to have a brain hemorrhage of their own…please use caution!

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  • March 7, 2014 at 8:07 pm

    I see this is a couple years old, but I’m surprised no one ever asked WTF is this?

  • March 10, 2014 at 1:39 pm

    @YBF haha, yeah…this post was exactly what its titled… it was apparently some random stuff I found on the internet that day in 2012 that I thought were weird. Nothing more, nothing less.

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