UNCOVERING ALIENS starts tonight on animal planet

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‘Uncovering Aliens’ reveals startling new evidence behind the growing number of UFO sightings in America. A more than six million Americans believe they’ve had a close encounter with an ET. Now four UFO investigators are hunting down the truth behind this phenomenon.

UFO journalist Maureen Elsberry and aeronautics engineer Mike Bara are looking for hard evidence but the other two investigators believe aliens are already here. Ex-CIA operative Derrel Sims and author Steven Jones claim to have been abducted by aliens. As they travel across America, the team uncover allegations that the government develops alien technology and Alien/Human hybrids at secret bases and investigate reports that UFO’s are shooting down aircraft.

The four shows are stripped consecutively on Friday the 23rd starting at 4pm EST with ‘Black Ops Conspiracy’ set in UFO hotspot of Sedona, Arizona. Here the Investigators meet an ex-senator who claims the government are using alien technology, are buzzed by a black ops helicopter and find evidence of an alleged secret US base that analyses crashed UFOs.

Uncovering Aliens Bradshaw Ranch

At 5pm EST, ‘Abduction and Bright Lights’ – focusses on a terrified witness In Myrtle Beach. He shows the Team video of weird orb shape lights then investigator Mike Barra sensationally witnesses them himself. But in Ohio the same lights lead to shots being fired and fragments of extra-terrestrial UFO metal!

Uncovering Aliens UFO Metal

At 6pm EST Alien Harvesting is the subject of the investigation – The UFO investigators uncover hundreds of alleged alien abductions in Avon Indiana. Two brothers claim to have blood and tissue removed by ET surgery. The team discover allegations of an Alien/Human hybrid programme the government knows all about.

Uncovering Aliens Tesla Coil

At 7pm EST The investigators head to Lake Michigan to look into allegations of Alien Invasion surrounding a UFO hotspot where hundreds of aircraft and ships have disappeared. They uncover local families who have experienced alleged alien home invasion and link this to a possible ET underwater base in the lake.

Derrell Sims and Steven Jones ill on boat

Maureen Elsberry

Adventure seeker, outdoors junkie, UFO journalist, space geek. Co-host of the webseries Spacing Out! and Uncovering Aliens on The Science Channel and Animal Planet.

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  • July 2, 2014 at 4:45 pm

    very interesting show. i hope, we see more in the future. one question: all your alien abduction cases in the show are very important to understand the alien abduction phenomen. we have the largest alien abduction database in germany with lots of statistics about the phenomen. can you send us all your alien abduction cases for our database “Alienbase”? we are researchers from germany.

    best wishes,


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