Vegetarian Roll-Up Sandwiches

My mom introduced me to the delectable wonders of the roll-up sandwich when we used to go cross-country skiing together when I was just a wee tyke. I have modified slightly and use vegetarian sandwich “meat” instead of traditional sandwich meat.

Here’s what you’ll need:
(servings 2-4)

  • 4 flour tortillas
  • plain cream cheese
  • guacamole or form of avocado spread
  • shredded cheese (cheddar or cheddar/jack mix works best)
  • Veggie meat sandwich slices
  • sprouts – can be replaced with shredded lettuce if you prefer

Start off with a layer of cream cheese on a tortilla, add a layer of guacamole and then add the remaining ingredients and roll-up. Wrap sandwich in saran wrap for travel and easy, no mess eating. Simple, practical and delicious. Plus the compact size of the sandwich and resilience makes it a good choice for any adventure.

Maureen Elsberry

Adventure seeker, outdoors junkie, UFO journalist, space geek. Co-host of the webseries Spacing Out! and Uncovering Aliens on The Science Channel and Animal Planet.

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